Certified Translations

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Yes, I do provide certified translations!

As someone who has passed the ATA certification exam from Russian to English, I have the authority to certify my own translations. Certification comes as a form letter with the translation (a certificate of accuracy) containing my signature and an official seal from the ATA that can be used to verify my credentials. I can also notarize this certificate if required.

Originals or Scans?

Scanned copies of documents are preferable, provided that they are legible. If I have trouble reading anything, I will verify with you. I provide the translation and certificate of accuracy in electronic (pdf) format, but I can also mail them to an address you provide.

Rates and Payment

I charge a flat rate per page, which includes the translation itself, matching formatting, and certification. Notarization is a separate charge. I request payment in advance, preferably over PayPal or Chase QuickPay. Please contact me for an estimate and up-to-date rates.