Certified Translations

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Yes, I do provide certified translations!

As someone who has passed the ATA certification exam from Russian to English, I have the authority to certify my own translations. Certification comes as a form letter with the translation (a certificate of accuracy) containing my signature and an official seal from the ATA that can be used to verify my credentials. I can also notarize this certificate if required.


What is certification? Certification consists of a signed statement that I did the translation of a specified document and that it is accurate to the best of my knowledge. My certification carries more weight because it bears my ATA seal, showing that I have passed an exam testing my ability to translate. The authenticity of the seal can easily be verified online.

Do I need certification? What about notarization? When you need to send foreign-language documents to an American institution (USCIS or other government agencies, universities, potential employers), they will typically specify their certification requirements. Just certification can be provided by any translator; ATA certification is limited to those who have passed the ATA exam for the appropriate language direction. The institution may also specify additional requirements, such as having my signature on the certificate notarized or having me send the translation directly. The certificate does not need to be notarized by default.

Originals or scans? Scanned copies of documents are preferable, provided that they are legible. If I have trouble reading anything, I will verify with you.

What form will the translation be in? I provide the translation and certificate of accuracy in electronic (pdf) format, but I can also print and mail them first class to a US address you specify, at no extra cost. For priority or express delivery, as well as delivery to international addresses, I will charge you the mailing costs.

How long will it take? I will send the electronic file with the translation within one business day from when I receive payment.

How much will it cost and how do I pay? I charge a flat $25 rate per page, which includes the translation itself, matching formatting, and certification. Notarization is a separate $25 charge. I request payment in advance, preferably over PayPal or Zelle. Please contact me for an estimate.