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Résumé available upon request.


I am ATA certified to translate Russian to English.


Photo of me in my graduation gown


Native fluency in English and Russian (A-languages), working proficiency in French (B-language)


I have been told that it is impossible to have two native languages. However, I am one of several counterexamples to this rule. Russian was my first language, and was diligently maintained - by both my parents’ efforts and my own - throughout my life in the United States. I was brought to the United States at the age of 4, when I was still capable of acquiring English natively. Since I have been more exposed to English in my academic and professional life, my writing in English flows more naturally, but I have never had trouble understanding any Russian text or writing competently in Russian.

In-country experience: I have visited my family in Russia numerous times throughout my life, including the semester abroad mentioned above. My family is also active in the Russian community in Philadelphia.


I have been learning French since second grade, and continued to take courses in French during my undergraduate studies. In-country experience: I visited Paris in 2006, Toulouse in 2008, and Lyon and Grenoble in 2015.

Additional Languages

I have also studied Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, and Japanese, to various degrees of proficiency. While I can give explanations of their linguistic structures, my knowledge of these languages is not usually sufficient for a translation matching the standard of quality to which I hold myself for my main language directions.