My primary service is Russian to English translation, but I also offer other language directions and a variety of related services.

Russian version of website


My preferred language direction, and the direction I am certified in, is Russian to English. However, I also have experience translating French to English, as well as English to Russian. Please see the Qualifications page for my background in each of these languages.

Certification: Yes, I can provide a certified English translation of official Russian documents! Please see the Certified Translations page for more information.

CAT Tools: I own MemoQ and SDL Trados Studio 2019.


I am willing to do free sample/test translations of up to 250 words

Editing and Proofreading

I can edit English texts, including: translations by another translator, texts written by non-native English speakers, or texts that need to conform to a particular style guide.

Machine Translation Post-Editing: I am also happy to work with machine translation output, and can edit lightly or heavily according to your specifications.


I have extensive experience formatting in Microsoft Word, as well as some exposure to InDesign. I can recreate the formatting of documents in .pdf format, including complex tables and layouts. I can also use Photoshop to adapt graphics containing translatable text on a solid background.

Rates and Fees

Rate and payment information is available upon request. Please be advised that I typically charge a $25 minimum for all projects and may apply rush fees for same-day delivery and other special cases.


Most of what I translate is protected by NDA agreements and other confidentiality considerations. If you would like a sample of my work more suited to your needs than those provided below, I am happy to do a translation test.